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So, after much digging and many calls and messages, I am given the following regarding the Yeti/NRA debacle.

“YETI severed ties with the NRA and is now engaging in damage control after a backlash from many of its customers. In early March, YETI refused to place a previously negotiated order from NRA-ILA, citing ‘recent events’ as the reason – a clear reference to the tragedy in Parkland, Florida. YETI then delivered notice to the NRA Foundation that it was terminating a 7 year agreement and demanded that the NRA remove the YETI name and logo from all NRA digital assets, as well as refrain from using any YETI trademarks in future print material. While YETI is trying to spin the story otherwise, those are the facts. While Yeti can choose to run from the NRA, they can’t run from the facts. Whether this is due to the recent cancellation of their IPO from their NYC owners is a question only they can answer.”

Numerous attempts made to contact Yeti were directed to their PR person, who would only furnish their previously quoted response.

Now, there is a new response and consequence to Yeti from Fletchers Outdoors in Alabama:

“We at Fletchers Outdoors have pressed Yeti for statements and answers since early Monday morning. In an email Monday addressed to Yeti managers, NRA Foundation, National Shooting Sports Foundation executives, Fletchers buy group executives and local press Andalusia Star News Michele Cox Gerlach and WAAO Blaine Wilson, written by M Anthony King. Yeti, in damage control mode, called M Anthony King ahead of their released statement Monday afternoon. King told them their statement did not explain their actions and lacked substance. The NRA has rebuked the Yeti statement today.
Fletchers Outdoors has asked their buying group to revoke their vendor agreement with Yeti, an estimated $150 million value in some 500 locations in the US and Canada.
We have frozen all orders with Yeti and will reject any shipments in transit. We will replace them with a firearm friendly cooler manufacturer. Our current inventory of Yeti products will be flushed  through the store, by sales method or any other method necessary.
Additionally, and for the record we will continue to sell all legal firearms and ammunition to our customers. We will not destroy any firearms. Furthermore we will not do business with any company,  entity or person that diminishes the 2nd Ammendment rights of the American people.

Best Regards & Merica”


One must ask why companies with such a broad base of hunters and shooters would distance themselves from the NRA, the oldest civil rights organization in the US.

America’s hunters, shooters and gun owners are extremely loyal to their base and to companies that they perceive are “on their side.”
As was the case last year with Under Armour, when companies feel they are “too big to fail” and can do no wrong to their supporters, they are in for a rude awakening.

Chalk this one up to another win for America’s 2nd Amendment supporters.

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