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Ace Luciano believes that it's time for the firearm and hunting industry to go on OFFENSE.
It's time for the firearm industry and those of us in it to be "Offensive." 

That's right… It's time to be offensive. 

No, I don't mean vulgar, crude, or injecting yourself into someone's "safe space" such that they break down. 
 I mean that it is time for us  in the hunting, firearms, and shooting world  to go on OFFENSE. 
I have just returned from the 39th annual Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show, and the mood there was one of almost giddy euphoria- after a collective sigh of relief. 

 For the better part of  three different president's respective terms, and certainly most of the last decade, we have had to entirely play DEFENSE.

 One could argue that for several years under the previous Republican administration we had to constantly play defense with a democratic controlled house and senate. 
 Every time there was a tragedy, we had to fight. We had to be constantly reactive instead of proactive. The tragedy of Columbine high school caused the flurry of new gun control bills across the country, and I'll cry from many people that had previously been "on the fence" to allow  for what had come to be one of the left's favorite terms – "common sense" gun control. 
 As with many things in politics, this deliberate misnomer was used to lead the low-information voter and uninformed general public down a clearly defined path of oppression, registration, and confiscation. 

 The only thing "common sense" about gun control is that it is an entirely ridiculous concept.
Ace Luciano believes that "The only thing 'Common Sense' about gun control is that it is COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS."
Ace Believes that gun control is a foolish concept devised by weak people

 You do not need to petition the government for a speedy trial. You do not need to petition the government or get a permit before you are allowed to keep silent. 
 Our founding fathers were very clear when they added the terminology "shall not be infringed" at the end of the second amendment. They were great discussions about the wording of the Second Amendment and what they meant regarding "the people" and what the term "militia" meant. 

 The entire theory of gun control is predicated upon the fact that criminals, who, by definition, do not obey laws, will all of a sudden decide to obey laws because they are now written regarding guns.
Even worse are what I refer to as the "Double-Dog-Laws" 
What's this? 
It's when some weak politician gets up on a stage using some recent tragedy as a platform for their firearm control agenda and repeats rhetoric such as "Criminals shouldn't be able to have guns," or, "People who are mentally unstable should not be allowed to possess guns." - both of which are ALREADY ILLEGAL- so we, therefore, must now make them "Double-Dog-Illegal" because THAT will change things and we REALLY MEAN ILLEGAL!!

 This past November there was a clear rejection of the policies, politics, and ideals of the most recent presidential administration. 
 For the first time in many years the presidency, house, and senate are all under Republican majority control. 

 Now is the time to be OFFENSIVE. 

We need a clear, decisive and rapid plan for the RESTORATION (no-not EXPANSION- they are OUR RIGHTS that have been taken away)  of our rights. 

Here are a few to start: 

1. Nationwide Concealed Carry Reciprocity. 
We do this already with things like driver's licenses, vehicle registrations, etc. that are privileges rather than rights.My right to protection and self-preservation should certainly not end at state lines. 

2. Removal of Short Barreled Rifle and Suppression devices from the registration list, and elimination of the "tax stamp" in general.
Only the government could come up with these ones- that guns must be loud enough to damage hearing for all and that a large handgun possessed and fired from the hand or two hands is legal- but to fire that same gun from the shoulder is not. 

3. Nationwide transportation standards 
This one is a doozy. The standard for safe transportation of weapons should be just that- STANDARD.
 We once had a client fly through New York once on an African Safari. He had to grab his luggage and proceed through customs. This client is also a smoker, so, after taking his cased, locked, unloaded firearms case off of the conveyor belt, he stepped outside to have a cigarette. 
One of New York's "Less-Than-Finest" came over and engaged him in conversation, asked him where he was going, and what was in the case.
The short story- He was ARRESTED, his rifles and a shot gun CONFISCATED, jailed and missed his flight. The ensuing legal process was actually rather simple- go to New York and fight or pay a massive fine for an "ordinance violation" and another massive "Processing fee" to get his guns back. The best part- there was NO STANDARD set or way to address this situation. 
If my car is legal in Arizona, I don't have to register or do anything different with it when I cross the border into any other state- including CALIFORNIA. This should be the same with guns. 

4. Withdrawal of federal funds for cities that infringe on the rights of their citizens to keep and bear arms.
See: Chicago, Los Angeles, New York. 
Enough said. 

Will the incoming administration hold to their promise of "gun rights" and protection of the Second Amendment? 
Time will tell, but things look good so far. 

So, what do YOU think?
Is it time to "be offensive?"
Let Ace know in the comments below!

"Ace" Luciano is a Hunter, Fisherman, Outdoorsman, Sales Executive, Author, Writer, and, perhaps most importantly, husband and father to 4 great kids.
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