Friday, December 15, 2017

Do you READ News or MAKE news???

Many of my previous posts discuss the fact that the firearms industry and many of the players in it are reluctant and afraid because the industry and buying is “contracting.”
 The truth is, "dominant" players LIKE contraction. They like it because they know that they are under constant assault from competition be that big competition, medium competition or even start up and small competition. 

 They know that it's easy for them to survive a contraction by making a few cuts and staff, a few cuts in marketing, and perhaps some pullback of budgets – they can weather the storm. 
Can YOU? 
 The reason they can do that is because they have spent years – sometimes decades and, some, 10 decades or more,  building up their business, their marketing, their market share, and, perhaps most importantly, their CONTENT and DOMINANCE

 In other words, they don't "Read the news…" They WRITE the news. 

What do you do that mimics that in your business? 

 Typically, this is where most small and medium businesses throw out a slew of excuses (don't take that the wrong way, because there are only two things in business – "excuses" and "results." Pick one or the other. Yes, sometimes there are very, very good excuses. ) 

"We can't compete…"

"We don't have the budget…"

"I don't have 1000 people to handle every little thing that we need done – most of it falls on me."
 And on… And on… And on… 
So, how do you, as a business owner (or "Manager," or "marketing director," etc.) overcome these obstacles? 

There are two phrases that I use often with my children that apply directly to business. One is that the journey of 1 or 10,000 miles begins with the same "first step." 
 The second is that the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. 

 You can control the news-- at least YOUR news
Are you writing a blog post every day? 
Do you have a legion of raving fans that are willing to share your contact? 
Do you have hundreds of people that you can send something to and they will give you feedback on?  How about 20? 

 The good news is that there is always somebody out there that has those things.

 The BEST news is that you already know at least one of them… 
BGA Enterprises and Taylor Made Media  are two companies that specialize in helping companies in the firearms and outdoor space control the conversation, news,  and views of their products, people, and services. 

You're most likely right – you DON'T have the time to do every little thing. You DON'T have enough hours in the day to accomplish all of the things you need to not just COMPETE but DOMINATE even some of the big players in the marketplace. 

 Now you have someone that can, and they are at your service. 

Visit  to learn how YOU can dominate your market and marketplace. 

Ace Luciano is first a hunter. Ace is evaluating Riton Optics and their line of Hunting Rifle Scopes
Riton puts out a surprisingly high quality product for the money
Finally, there is a fairly NEW company out there that is making some REAL WAVES in the optics world that you should know about. 
Ace Luciano is evaluating the Riton Optics line for the next few months
In the market for a new scope?

They are called RITON Optics, and their motto is "The BEST QUALITY at EVERY Price point. 
Over the next few months, we're going to put that motto to the test. 
Formerly geared to mainly the "tactical" world, Riton is making a BIG PUSH into hunting scopes, binoculars, and spotting scopes. 
From NOW and for the next several days, you can try one of their optics for 50% off. 

That's right- 
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