Monday, April 3, 2017

I NEED A "HERO" That Wants To Grow Their Sales 30% or More

...but let me first tell you what I'm NOT looking for...

I'm absolutely NOT looking for people that want to make excuses about the economy,  sales, or the industry or that DON'T want to grow their sales numbers and business this year.
If you want to grow your outdoor related business by 30 percent, you need to contact Ace Luciano
I'm looking for someone that wants to be an absolute HERO to their boss or, if you ARE the boss, then to your EMPLOYEES who will THANK YOU for thriving while their friends at other companies in the industry are worried for their JOBS.

You see, for the past 8 YEARS we had the greatest gun salesman on the planet- Barack Obama- in the highest office in the WORLD.
Between his deeds, inferences, and edicts, people were setting all time records for annual firearm sales....
...But the entire gun and outdoor industry changed back in November.

We elected a new president that is a gun supporter.

No fear = less gun sales. Less gun sales= less ammo sales. Less ammo sales = less range sales and time = less accessories sold, = less hunting apparel, and on, and on,
Etc. ...
Etc. ...

The point is, things aren't what they used to be. Sales WILL be less "overall" this year- except for some very smart businesses.

Yes, we are back to a "normal" market.

The question is, what will YOU do about it?
"Cut" your marketing budget?

Now, I have to ask this question-
Have you ever heard of anyone "cutting" their business to growth and success? 

Me, either.

This is where the HERO part comes in.

You see, I have an opportunity for you that can really help your "bottom line."
As a matter of fact, when we put our full plan, which costs, literally, PENNIES to implement, into place for our client partners, they saw a DOCUMENTED 30% INCREASE in the next month's sales.  
It didn't matter if their product was $1.99, $199, or $1199- across the board the following month's sales SHOT UP  30%!

Take a look at what two of our clients have to say about what we do for them:

"This is, by far, THE ABSOLUTE BEST MARKETING and BEST ROI of ANY marketing that we do or have done in the last several YEARS!" 
- Dennis Reese, CEO of Springfield Armory. 

"This is the Most cost-effective and successful marketing venue that we utilize at Kel-Tec. We actually had SO MUCH traffic from our program that we had to ask them to "turn it down" until we could catch up so that our servers were not completely overwhelmed." 
-Derek Kellgren, Kel-Tec firearms


What I have for you is DIRECT ACCESS to MILLIONS OF "BUYERS" (Notice I didn't say, "readers" or "shoppers") in the Firearm/Outdoor/Shooting industry.

Millions of your IDEAL BUYERS will not only be RECEIVING, but OPENING your sales messages EVERY WEEK.
(oh- and these products, delivered directly to over 3 MILLION subscribers have some of the highest open and click-through rates of ANY marketing, but certainly in the industry.)

You have an opportunity to get in on the ABSOLUTE BEST OFFER THAT HAS EVER BEEN GIVEN for these products-

Now, I think we're giving a little TOO MUCH on this one- after all compared to other "venues" in the industry, as we are ALREADY:

-90x less expensive than a large "auction site" media conglomerate  (yes, you read that right- Ninety times less)

-30x less expensive than a popular "blogging site" in the gun industry.

-1000's of times less than the average print media- and all at a performance level that is many times more effective, completely trackable, scalable, and the best bang-for-your-buck in the industry today.

Plus, one more, very large advantage...

... we will allow you to cancel at ANY TIME (of course, we allow this because nobody ever has, but it IS available)

But I need your answer ASAP- as I can only take ONE advertiser from each category.

Thanks in advance for your quick reply.

Ace Luciano


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