Monday, February 20, 2017

I Just Learned About The Best Restaurant in the World...

If I asked you to tell me what you thought the BEST restaurant in the world was, you'd most likely name off some well known chefs, exotic locales, and differing ethnic choices....

...but if you think the BEST restaurant is the MOST SUCCESSFUL restaurant, there is one, clear choice-

Ace Luciano believes that McDonald's is the most successful restaurant in the world. The Luciano family was connected in several ways to McDonald's corporation.
McDonald's Restaurant is arguably the most successful in the world. 

Yes, the iconic "Golden Arches" that now span the globe took a small hamburger joint in California from 15 cent hamburgers to HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS in annual revenues.

There's a new movie in theaters starring Michael Keaton called, "The Founder"- about the building of the McDonalds empire by Ray Croc.
It is mistakenly getting what I would consider to be rather mediocre reviews.

 I believe the reasoning behind it is that, as in most of life, only a select type of person will understand it.

 This movie is a character study of a salesman- One that was relatively successful, in the waning years of his career, and who had recently gone through a patch of difficult times.

 It is the study of a man with a drive to succeed – something that seems awfully absent for the majority of today's population.
 It's not that people don't want to succeed – it's that most people are perfectly happy working in a "job" that keeps them in one place, doing one thing, for a very, very long time (if they're lucky) and have a "steady" and "average" income which allows them to buy an "average" home   and lead an "average" life.
(Note- when you look back to your aspirations as a child, do you ever recall wanting to be "Average?")

 There was a point in the movie where Ray Croc  is talking to his wife. It's a difficult discussion.

 If you're an entrepreneur or sales person, you've had this conversation.
 It's a conversation about how hard you work, how much they do alone, about how many years is it going to be before you slow down, stay home, go to the club, etc. …
 It is that same conversation is one that has signaled the beginning of the end of many marriages, and why many successful people are married multiple times.

I hope  that you are lucky enough, as I am, to have a special significant other that "knows the drill" and has chosen to partner rather than prevent your success. The attitude of many is to "settle, " but what do you do when you just can't SETTLE?
You work HARDER, that's what.

This story is one of the "American Dream."

The "American Dream" is a concept that has built this country to levels far and above all others in the world.
It is a story of a lifetime of struggle, of small failures and large failures, and, finally, what is arguably one of the greatest successes the world has ever known.
It's a story of "partners," of teamwork, and of FAMILY.

I was fortunate to grow up not far from Ray Croc's first franchise in Des Planes, to know several McDonald's franchisees, and to have visited and known people at McDonalds HQ in Oakbrook, IL.
As a matter of fact, one of McDonalds' CEOs was my father's fraternity brother, and their head chef for most of the 90's was a family friend.

This movie is a great story, and the observant viewer will note many things (and, no, the insinuation that Ray Croc "stole" McDonald's from the McDonald brothers is not one of them).
It was not an easy journey, There were difficult times. There were times when Ray Croc was broke. Times when he had to find a solution to a unique problem. There were many more failures than successes.
Yes, there are lots of lessons on business, ambition, success, and perseverance- and several others on human nature, resilience, and heartache.

I rank is as one of the best sales movies of all time.

Have you seen "The Founder" or any other great business or sales movies? Are there parallels to YOUR "story" and life to that of Ray Croc's?

Please, share your thoughts in the comments below.

Let Ace know in the comments below! 

"Ace" Luciano is a Hunter, Fisherman, Outdoorsman, Sales Executive, Author, Writer, and, perhaps most importantly, husband and father to 4 great kids. 
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  1. I do not eat at McDonalds, but find this article interesting and will have to watch the movie. I really liked I loved the movie Joy because it shared a really good message of persistence! I believe we feel that way about our camo line, High Heel Huntress.

  2. Boiler Room is an excellent sales movie along with of course the classic Glengarry Glenross.