Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Your Competition LOVES You....

Your competition LOVES YOU...

If you are a typical player in the marketplace that thinks you "get all your business from 'word of mouth' and referrals," or you "do facebook ads" or "Advertise on outdoor television shows and in XYZ publications...They love you even MORE.
You see, they IMMEDIATELY KNOW that they can OWN all of the customers that actually look for WHAT YOU DO WHERE YOU DO IT.

I offered this to several of my groups 3 months ago- and some VERY SMART BUSINESS OWNERS took advantage.
Some of the results are in this video.

I'm absolutely SHOCKED at how many people in the outdoor industry will not/do not/can't/won't invest in the absolute NUMBER ONE, MOST EFFECTIVE way of ensuring that when people search for WHAT THEY DO rather than WHO THEY ARE, they show up PROMINENTLY in that search rather than their competition.

Check out this video- and the absolute DOMINATION of the search results.
It doesn't matter WHAT you do. It has an ABSOLUTE, MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE and you can CANCEL IT ANY TIME.
Some of the phrases available NOW:
Best African Safari Company
Best Concealed Carry Holster
Best Rifle Scope
Best Binoculars
AR-15 Parts
Glock Parts
...and MORE.

This works for ANY business- regardless of what you do, are doing, have done, will/might do- you get the picture.
I have personally worked with physicians, car dealers, gun shops, plumbers, HVAC- and, yes, even ATTORNEYS- and if you know any attorneys- tell them that the best phrase in the country was JUST SOLD... "Mesothelioma Attorney" - with Pay per click rates >$1000 PER CLICK- to Sokolov Law Office.
Now they can't have it.

If we can do THAT for THEM, what do you suppose we can do FOR YOU???
Get in touch with me ASAP.

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